Intense Pulse Light

IPL, Broad-based light, Photo-rejuvenation

Discover a superior solution to improve skin clarity, reduce skin irregularities, and rejuvenate skin.​

Intense Pulse Light or Broad Band Light

Intense Pulse Light (IPL, LUMMECA, Photo-rejuvenation) or Broad Band Light uses photothermolysis to treat pigmented and vascular lesions. This advanced technology brightens the look of discoloured spots such as spider veins, age spots, rosacea, freckles and sun damage, leaving you with a clear and even complexion. With use of a specific filter on our laser we can enable clearance of active acne with little pain and downtime. Both IPL and Broad Band Light devices can be used with Levulanic (PDT/ALA) for a deeper skin rejuvenation or treat moderate to severe acne.

At Aegis MD, we use the most powerful intense pulse light devices on the market. This allows us to give our patients the fastest results in the least amount of treatments.  Many people love these treatment options as it treats many conditions at the same time, reduces the look of large pores and improves your overall skin tone and texture. During your free consultation, Dr. Plaskos will discuss Intense Pulse Light as well as any combined treatments to boost your results and help achieve your skin goals.


None, but mild to moderate redness​


30 Minutes



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