Dermapen 4™

Medical microneedling

Microneedling is a revolutionary skin care technique to rejuvenate and improve the skin’s appearance by stimulating its natural healing processes. At Aegis MD, we take this approach to the next level with the Dermapen 4™. Unlike other devices on the market, Dermapen 4™offers a faster and more comfortable treatment. It creates millions of fine channels in the skin, stimulating the body’s healing and repair response.

The result is better product absorption, enhanced collagen and elastin production, skin resurfacing, texturization and overall skin renewal. With Dermapen 4™, even delicate areas, such as the eyes, neck, lips, and nose, can be targeted. It can also be used to rejuvenate skin on the stomach and legs for stretch marks.

At AegisMD, we’re proud to offer the Dermapen 4™, alongside our collection of advanced treatments. It can be seamlessly combined with treatments such as PRP to deliver exceptional results. This approach promotes even more collagen production and reduces downtime, leaving you with smoother, healthier, and radiant skin.


Little to none


30 minutes



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