Put your best chin forward— eliminate your double chin.

For 30+ years, thousands of people just like you have experienced incredible results when injecting with Dr. Plaskos.

Belkyra, also known by its American brand name Kybella, is used to shape and contour the area under the chin. This injectable solution gradually improves the appearance of fullness and double chin by actively dissolving fat cells in the area.  This is done through the use of the active ingredient deoxycholic. This naturally occurring molecule in the body aids in the breakdown and metabolism of fat. 

This injectable is the first health Canada approved treatment to target the under-chin area, however it can be used in other places on the body. With mild to Moderate pain levels this short procedure will give you the chin profile that you desire with very little downtime. 

As always, at AegisMD only our expert physician, Dr. Plaskos, will perform your injection. Dr. Plaskos will perform a full detailed examination prior to treatment to ensure that you are a potential candidate as we have other treatments in office (Coolsculpting, Body FX) to help with stubborn fat. 


Gradual improvement over time in just 2-4 treatments


15-20 Minutes


Mild to Moderate

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