Acne + blemishes

(Adult, teen and hormonal)

At AegisMD, we understand that dealing with difficult acne and blemishes can be not only frustrating but devastating to your self-esteem. It can affect your everyday life and overall sense of well-being. It is important to have a proper diagnosis in order to treat acne effectively and prevent it’s potentially devastating consequences.

Acne is defined as a chronic inflammatory disease of the oil glands.  There are many grades of acne that can present on the skin as blackheads, whiteheads, papules, pustules and/or nodules. 

Dr Plaskos is a physician with 30+ years of treating skin conditions in her family practice. This allows us to create a plan that is cost effective and efficacious. The convenience of Dr. Plaskos experience and knowledge all in one place ensures the safest and most effective treatment of teen, hormonal, and late onset acne. 

At AegisMD, we understand that everyone has their own budgets and restrictions of what they can tolerate for downtime in their daily lives. We offer treatments that honour your lifestyle and allow you to plan accordingly. AegisMD offers advanced clinical treatments including facial procedures, lasers, peels, and acne fighting skin care for home (including prescriptions).