LED Red Light Therapy

Let light create clear and luminous skin.​

Red Light Therapy (AKA Low level laser therapy (LLT))

At AegisMD, we offer Red light therapy as a combined modality to many of our treatments. Red light therapy penetrates the skin and stimulates the skin’s natural collagen and elastin production. As a tool for regrowth, healing and stimulation Red light therapy can be an asset to boost many of your procedures.

Red Light Therapy helps minimize wrinkles, shrinks pores, and brightens the skin for a more even and smooth skin texture. Some use this procedure alone to enhance their skin’s natural health mechanisms for a rejuvenated and younger complexion.

Low level laser therapy (LLT)

Low level light is unlike an aesthetic laser that uses heat. Low level laser therapy is a safe and soft light that is used for the stimulation of cell function and regeneration. This helps to improve skin quality by stimulating collagen and elastin. It also helps regenerate new and healthier cells in the scalp to increase hair quality, thickness and growth.

Laser Hair Biostimulation for Hair Rejuvenation

Red light therapy is a special soft light (no heat) that possesses wave lengths to help stimulate hair growth, improve hair quality, stop the progression of hair loss and promote new hair growth. Red Light is safe and does not create side effects. Laser light improves microcirculation and stimulates the scalp tissue triggering protein synthesis which energizes hair follicles. Though effective on its own, in combination with PRP we can significantly improve the results of hair rejuvenation.




30-60 Minutes



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