Lips can be such a brilliant feature to one’s facial structure and harmony. Many emotional attributes such as tiredness, sadness and anger can be translated through a lip that is not properly restored. Shape, size and hydration of the lip can all positively work towards a youthful and feminine appearance. Men also suffer from the aging impact on lips and are great candidates for restoration of appearance and maintenance. 

Enhancing your lips to create that desirable, soft, and plump look may be exactly why you have stumbled across this page. Or perhaps you have noticed that over time you have lost some of the lip volume, fullness, or shape you once had. 

Whatever the reason may be, Dr. Plaskos is an expert injector with 30+ years of experience. Understanding the surrounding tissues and anatomy of the lip is extremely important when it comes to giving natural looking results.  For this reason, at AegisMD Dr. Plaskos will be the only one to perform your procedure. 


Treatments for LIPS