Beauty is so much more than skin deep – and evaluating your aesthetic and wellness concerns
should be as well.

Far above and beyond the everyday “skin analysis” – your AegisMD journey begins with our exclusive, in-depth Reveal 360™ assessment; our approach to understanding the entire picture of your lifestyle, overall health, unique aging process and best approach to help you look and feel better than ever.





Go beyond skin deep with the Reveal 360™ consult methodology. Like an exquisite monogram, your Reveal 360™ consultation is tailored uniquely to you – and empowers you to love your look and feel better than ever by going in-depth to uncover solutions for your best body, skin, and appearance.

So often, with aging what you see isn’t what you get. It’s so much more. In this pursuit, Reveal 360™ provides you with a comprehensive profile of your unique aging process, without compromise.

At a glimpse, here is what is covered by the Go beyond skin deep with the Reveal 360™ consult methodology. assessment:

What If I’m Only Looking For A Cosmetic Procedure?

While meticulous injectables, innovative anti-aging treatments and advanced skincare may be the first reason you seek out AegisMD – it certainly won’t be the last. By providing you with the full picture – the result of Dr. Christina Plaskos’ rare harmony of advanced medical aesthetic training and board-certification in anti-aging and regenerative medicine; you’ll not only look better – you’ll understand and find yourself equipped with the tools to enjoy a lifetime of looking your very best, not only from the outside but from within.