Moles & Spots

Moles and dark spots often appear on the skin as we age. In general, these spots are caused by a concentration of skin pigmentation, also known as melanin. Unfortunately, not all moles and spots resemble the ideal beauty mark we’ve been looking for. Sometimes they even pop up in inconvenient places causing physical discomfort when rubbing on clothing.

Moles (brown spots) can be present at birth, develop during childhood, or appear over time as a result of sun exposure. Genetics play a large part in their development, and it’s completely normal for moles to change and even disappear over the course of our lifetime. In general, these spots are benign and harmless, however, it is important to have a proper assessment. 

 It is a very common and relatively painless procedure to remove these spots for aesthetic and health reasons. Dr. Plaskos will correctly diagnose the condition of the mole or spot and determine the safest and most effective treatment plan for you.