Acne Scarring

As active acne starts to clear, many people may experience a range of acne scarring that can be an unwanted reminder of their once fought battle with the condition. These scars can be caused by hyper-hypo pigmentation, pitting, and overproduction of scar tissue, and appear in different colours, textures, and sizes. 

Fortunately, acne scarring is no longer an everlasting condition. At Aegis MD, we have an array of the most advanced technologies to help you deal with acne, and acne scarring. During your consultation with Dr. Plaskos and her team, a treatment plan will be created to manage and treat  the specific type of scarring you are experiencing. 

Although acne scars may not completely disappear, we have medical grade technologies that can help improve the appearance of scarring. Dr. Plaskos oversees all of the comprehensive plans.