Mind your skin.

Enhancing the way we look is not something to feel guilty about. It is clear from the research that the benefits of investing in our appearance extend beyond aesthetics, says Dr. Christina Plaskos.

‘Not having time to invest in ourselves is the “norm”. But accepting the situation is not in our favour…’

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Turning stress into success.

When we view stress in a positive way using cognitive reappraisal, it actually helps us focus better, be more
alert, perform better in daily activities, and experience less depression and anxiety, says Dr. Christina Plaskos.

‘I have always held the belief that we can’t always change our situation but we can always change the way we think about it.’

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In a world of anti-aging that seeks to achieve and maintain wrinkle-free skin, luscious hair, and a supple body; the word ‘collagen’ is unmatched in its ability to evoke so much desire, confusion, hope, and frustration all at the same time. We desire to have more of it, but are confused how to get it. Yet we have hope that we will ­find the product or procedure to act as our magic elixir and beautify our skin, ultimately leaving us frustrated because what we have tried on many occasions hasn’t delivered the results we expected. I want to share with you what the science says about optimizing our collagen levels as we age as well as my own experience in working with thousands of patients over the last 20 years to achieve Science-based Sustainable Results (TM) in my practice.

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Ultimately, a comprehensive skin care approach must contain products that address the outside (topical creams), the inside (ingestible), and attention to controlling stress.
Most people would agree the first signs of ageing are usually seen on the outside – the skin. However, the ageing process actually begins on the inside and is reflected outwardly through our skin. So when I see patients seeking youthful and luminous skin, I start from the inside and layer on outward treatments to complement.

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Are you ready to make-up with your metabolism?

Take a slow, deep breath. Become aware of your thoughts and surroundings and quiet the chaos that lives in your mind and environment for the next few minutes.

I work with patients everyday who feel exhausted, overwhelmed, and overworked. The never-ending to-do list, the over-packed schedule, the newest dietary and fitness trends, the late nights; essentially, the constant pressure to work more and sleep less. All of these day-to-day stressors are grinding down our system, exceeding the normal healthy limits of function.

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Detoxing Body AND Mind

With commitment, dedication, and focus, we can rewire our brains. We can train our brains to challenge our recurring thought patterns, and to block new negative patterns from coming in, says Dr. Christina Plaskos.

“If we consider mind toxins to be the negative thoughts that are unhelpful or destructive to optimal mental health, a mind detox aims to eliminate these thoughts.”

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A prescription for osteoporosis… more than just calcium

Although there certainly is a genetic component to osteoporosis, a good diet and exercise program are two powerful weapons to combat bone loss and fractures as you age. Let us take you on a brief science lesson in how bone metabolism works so that you will have a better understanding of what’s going on in your body.

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The epigenetic impact of laughter

Everyone has heard the saying “laughter is the best medicine” and most people would agree that they feel better after hearing or seeing something funny.  This observation has intrigued researchers to actually test the hypothesis in a laboratory setting and what they found was yet another instance in which one positive thing leads to another.  The study published in Biomedical Research was interested in seeing how laughter could affect blood sugar levels and gene expression in type 2 diabetics.

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Does your exercise program contain interval training?

If you are looking for an exercise program that requires minimal time with maximum gain (both in terms of weight loss and improved fitness), then keep reading because this strategy is for you.  But we should warn you, there is one catch, you have to be willing to work hard! The best way to accomplish this is to do short high intensity intervals separated by relatively short recovery periods.  This type of training increases your maximal aerobic capacity (Vo2max), while also boosting your growth hormone and testosterone (don’t worry women – testosterone is equally important for you, just in lesser amounts than what men need).

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