If I take the time to visualize and plan this for a few minutes then my day is much more productive because I am focusing on purposeful action rather than spontaneous reaction.

What does your morning routine involve?

After visualizing the checklist, I get up and prepare a morning drink to fuel me for the gym. I mix liposomal vitamin C with a greens and reds powder, and adaptogens. This provides me with a concentrated shot of nutrients, antioxidants, and herbs to nourish my body and especially my adrenal glands to ensure my energy levels stay balanced. I then mix my smoothie and head off to the gym or the outdoors for a workout. I often will have an Americano or green tea as well as in the morning.

Do your workouts and habits change during stressful periods?

I am much smarter about listening to my body now than I have in the past. When I feel tired I back off the intensity. In general my workout time has decreased as I have found that 40 – 60 min of exercise per day is what works best for me. But I don’t hesitate to take a couple days off if I need to. Its important to find a balance of being tough on yourself to commit to a workout routine even at times when you don’t feel like doing it, but not to be so tough that you add additional stress to your life by working out to hard when your body is run-down.

* The drink that Dr. Plaskos spoke of is a prototype of Aegis’s next product coming out this fall